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City&Guilds ranked MSA as one of the two best culinary schools in the world. Founder Mehmet Aksel was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010, and the school has garnered dozens of awards. Graduates from the school now work in over 50 countries worldwide, and the school’s vision have allowed it to expand year in year out into a holistic culinary approach.

MSA has accreditation in the fields of culinary art, mixology, barista, pastry chef from all of the world’s absolute leading agencies.
A total of 22 accreditations . In addition to its classes in each of these fields, the MSA campus features a kitchen for amateur enthusiasts, conference rooms for corporate events, an auditorium for Master lecturers, an internationally renowned library on food and beverages and rare books, a thematic museum with a private collection, and a kitchen lab for R&D.

Every year we recommit to our mission of improving the industry with a highly educated workforce. More than 1,500 professional graduates are located all over the world with qualifications that can get them into any restaurant or kitchen. There are also alternative programs for entrepreneurs who wish to start their own food & beverage businesses
In addition to professional programs, MSA offers workshops designed for culinary amateurs. Every year, the school’s professional chefs teach the techniques and methods of culinary arts to more than 22,000 kitchen enthusiasts over 350 workshops.
A variety of corporate events, workshops, meetings and organizations take place at MSA where special menus are developed for each occasion. Groups of 28 can work with professional instructor chefs simultaneously during motivational meetings, press launches or product demos.

One of the world’s finest kitchen auditoriums, the Electrolux Auditorium on campus is open to all MSA students and alumni as well as to industry professionals and leaders. The auditorium boasts cutting-edge technology, the latest kitchen equipment and a one of a kind infrastructure. So far, more than 300 brands have teamed up with MSA for corporate events and special culinary projects. The school extends its services far beyond the scope of education by also focusing on R&D projects, menus and product development and human resources. The Electrolux Auditorium also welcomes the world’s top chefs for culinary demos, product launches, seminars, press gatherings and video shootings as well.