• Advanced Professional Pastry

Who can apply?
Those aged between 18 and 40, who wish to learn, in addition to Professional Pastry;
Advanced decoration and sugar paste (pastillage, sugar dough, chocolate dough, royal icing, candy-making and processing),
Production of petit fours such as Macarons or Nougat,
Choux Pastry or “pâte a choux” processing for Craquelin, St Honoré, Eclairs or Croquanbouche,
Contemporary cake-making such as mirror glaze or naked cake,
Application of special produce such as diabetic, gluten-free or vegan; equip themselves with technical knowledge on artisanal chocolate or sourdough making and processing techniques,
Food & Beverage pairing,
Obtain Food Safety Management skills,
Gain advanced skills in the preparation and presentation of concept dessert settings – banquets,
Inclusion in the mass-production of baking daily goods under the supervision of MSA Instructor Chefs both in the MSA campus and at MSA’nın Restoranı in Emirgan,
Acquire both kitchen and field experience with MSA catering events and operations.

How long is the course?
40 hours of theoretical, 472 hours of hands-on classes. (64 hours of training focused on bread making)
192 hours of application at the MSA Dükkan Bakery shops
4 months of mandatory internship (for those between the ages of 18 – 40 taking part in the internship)

What will I learn?

    Teorik Eğitimler

  • Food presentation
  • Introduction to kitchen equipment
  • Menu planning
  • Purchasing
  • Frozen desserts
  • Introduction to sugar paste
  • Liaisons
  • Sauces
  • Food safety
  • Nutrition

    Pratik Eğitimler

  • Cooking eggs
  • Savory cookies
  • Sweet cookies
  • Cakes
  • Turkish desserts
  • Sponge cakes
  • Classic cake making techniques
  • Cost calculation

  • Modern cake making techniques
  • Frying doughs
  • Meringues
  • Macaron
  • Tarts and pies
  • Working with laminated dough
  • Cupcake & Muffin
  • Basic Bread Doughs
  • Fermented Dough

  • Custards
  • Introduction to chocolate
  • Frozen desserts
  • Introduction to sugar paste
  • Dessert sauces
  • Intro to decorative cookies and biscuits
  • Introduction to bread making

  • Supervisory skills in f&b management
  • Food safety supervision
  • World gastronomy
  • Advanced level production of modern petit fours
  • Advenced level techniques for leavened, unleavened dough
  • İleri seviye choux hamuru işleme teknikleri (Craquelin, St. Honore, Eclair, Croquanbouche)

  • Advanced level techniques for laminated dough
  • Special nutrition cajes (diabetics, celiac)
  • Artizan chocolate
  • İleri seviye Ekmek Üretim Teknikleri (Ekşi Maya, Alman Ekmekleri, İtalyan Ekmekleri, Glütensiz)
  • Güncel Akımlarda Pasta Yapım Teknikleri (Miror Glaze, naked Cake)

  • Advanced level frozen desserts
  • Molecular pastry
  • R&D product
  • İleri Seviye Dekor ve kaplama hamurları (pastilaj, şeker hamuru, çikolata hamuru, royal icing ve şeker yapım ve işleme teknikleri)
  • Konsept dahilinde tatlı büfesi hazırlanması (ürünlerinin seçilmesi, üretimi süreçleri, birleştirilmesi ve sunumu)
  • İleri seviye tabaklama teknikleri
  • Dekoratif obje tasarım ve üretimi

Instructor Team

An instructor team with 23 full-time chef instructors as well as more than 30 local and international visiting chefs every year.