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The private dining room is located right next to the workshop kitchen. It can be rented for full of half days, with or without a workshop class. It seats 18 people and offers the opportunity to eat after a food workshop held int he kitchen, or just as a special meeting room with food prepared based on need. The music and sound system in the room are state-of-the-art so it's the ideal place for meetings and get togethers.


• 25 m2 Total Area
• Wooden Meeting Table
• 18-Person Seating Area


• Glass Walls with Wooden Frames
• Floor Decorated with Traditional Turkish Ceramic Tile-work
• 2 Wooden Recessed Wall Shelves with Drawers Underneath
• Sound System Specially Designed for Meetings
• Music System and Loudspeakers
• Grundig 75-inch LED TV with a Special Movable Console
• VRF Heating and Cooling System


The cellar hosts classes on wine, beer, whiskey, and cocktails to individuals and groups using MSA's Professional Bartending and Mixology classroom. It features a table set-up of to 20 seats and its bar & cellar is available for practical classes and demos. The cellar is a great spot for training programs for corporations as well as for anyone interested in specific tastings, food pairing events, private lunches or dinners to go with private Workshops.


• 330 cm x 70 cm stainless steel working station with sink
• 520 cm x 55 cm Wooden Bar Counter with Leather Coating
• 220 cm x 175 cm Bar with Two Wooden Four-Door Bar Shelves


• 4 Beer Coolers
• 1 Beer Dispenser and Tower System with Two Taps
• 5 130 cm x 130 cm White Tables
• Wooden Walls, with Paper and Stone-work Ceiling
• Fully Dimmable LED Lighting System
• Floor Decorated with Traditional Turkish Ceramic Tiles
• 1 65-inch Grundig TV
• Sonos Sound System
• 1 Eurocave Wine Cooler
• 1 Fifteen Liter Ice Maker
• 1 Recessed Wall Shelf with Four Racks
• 60m2 Total Area
•VRF Heating and Cooling System
•Fresh Air-Conditioning and Aspirator

Corporate Communication

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