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Right by the Workshop kitchen, Private Dining Room offers its services both with or without Workshop organisations, either on a daily or half-day basis. With a seating capacity of 18, right after the Workshops guests can enjoy their meals here. The room is also available for corporate meetings with or without dining. Sound system and smart screens make the meetings and gatherings more comfortable.


• 25 sqm area
• wooden table with 18 pax seating


• glass walls with wooden frames
• floor decorated with oriental Turkish ceramic tiles
• 2 wooden wall shelves product display with closet
• sound system especially designed for meetings
• music system and loudspeakers
• 65 inches elevating LED TV mounted on the ceiling
• VRF heating and cooling system


This is an area that offers wine, beer, whiskey, cocktail classes to individuals and groups where is also the classroom of MSA’s Professional Bartending and Mixology program. With a table set-up to 20 seating and with its bar, cellar is available for practical classes and demos. Cellar can be the place for above listed educational programs for corporations as well as for those who are interested and also for specific product presentations, food pairing events, private lunch or dinner organisations and Workshops.


• 60 sqm area
• 330 cm x 70 cm stainless steel working station with sink
• 520 cm x 55 cm wooden bar desk with leather coating
• 220 cm x 175 cm wooden bars shelves


• 4 beer coolers
• 2 tapped, tower system beer automat
• 5 white tables, each measuring 130 cm x 130 cm
• walls and ceiling decorated accordingly with wood, paper and stone
• dimmable LED lighting infrastructure
• floor decorated with oriental Turkish ceramic tiles
• 65” Smart TV
• Sonos sound system
• Eurocave wine cooler
• 15 litre capacity ice maker
• VRF heating and cooling system
• fresh air-conditioning and aspiration

Corporate Communication

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