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Founded in 2004, the Culinary Arts Academy (MSA) is pointed out among the best culinary schools in the world. Besides being a private school accredited by Turkish Ministry of National Education, it is the only school in Turkey being accredited by City & Guilds, which is one of the world's largest accreditation bodies on vocational training, as well as Pearson International, Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) and Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH). In 2011, the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) recognized and honoured MSA with “Award for Highest Quality in Culinary Education”. In the MSA campus, you can find, "Food and Beverage Themed Expertise & Rare Books Library", a thematic museum with a special collection on food & beverage history. Every year, committed to its mission of improving the industry through a highly educated workforce industry, MSA graduates more than 1200 professional chef candidates who are qualified to work anywhere in the world. MSA also offers program alternatives such as Professional Food & Beverage Management for entrepreneurs who wish to start their own food & beverage businesses. In addition to the professional programs, MSA offers workshops designed for culinary amateurs. Every year, the school’s professional chef rooster teaches the techniques and methods of culinary arts to more than 20.000 kitchen enthusiasts in 600 workshops. A variety of corporate events, workshops, meetings and organizations take place at MSA where special menus are developed for each occasion.


MSA features 2 fully equipped kitchens wherein up to 28 students can train and cook simultaneously as they learn the skills of food preparation, new skills, socialization in the kitchen and how to educate fellow cooks. These kitchens have been specifically designed for educational purposes down to the last state-of-the-art technological detail, and workshops can be organized under the supervision of MSA's Instructor Chefs for groups as well as for individuals. Kitchens can be rented out for photo/video shoots, influencer gatherings, motivational events, product launches and product trials. It's also available to be rented out for specified periods of time.


• 14 2-person stations
• 1 head chef station
• 80 m2 total area
•14 m2 dishwashing space
•16 m2 prep kitchen


• 15 Grundig Five Burner Gas Hobs
• 15 Grundig Electric Ovens
• 15 Grundig Commercial Range Hoods
• 1 Grundig -2°/+10 ° Two-Door Refrigerator
• 15 Grundig 32-inch Station Monitors
• 1 Grundig 65-inch Smartboard
• 8 Wall Speakers and Amp System
• Sennheiser Microphone System
• 15 Grundig Compact Mini Refrigerators
• 15 Grohe Purifiers and Hot/Cold Filter Faucets
• 3 IP Camera Systems
• 1 Chef Work Station with 6 Drawers Under Neolith Worktop
• Ventilation System: 11,000.0 m3/h Exhaust Hood Aspirator
• Fresh Air Heating and Cooling System:
• 1,000.0 m3/h fan
• Grundig small kitchen appliances for 15 stations


This kitchen is customized for producing an array of specialized breads, such as artisinal bread, 100% sour dough bread, croissants, layered breads, handmade börek, and more - all for groups or for individuals. All equipment and materials have been specially designed for this purpose.


• 3.5 m x 1.5 m Wooden Worktop
• 170 cm x 70 cm Chef's Wooden Worktop
• 1 x 300 cm x 70 cm Stainless Steel Worktop with Sink
• 47 m2 Total Area


• 1 65-inch Grundig Smartboard
• 3 Zanolli bakery ovens
• 2 induction hobs
• 1 two-burner gas hob
• 1 Electrolux two-door refrigerator
• 2 Air-convection ovens
• 4 refrigerators +4°C/-18°C under the worktop
• Central heating and cooling


There is room for 12 students and 1 instructor in this fully equipped coffee classroom, which offers professional barista training as well as daily coffee related workshops for coffee lovers, with available for groups and individuals. Artisinal coffee training is available for people who want to establish their own coffee business or already run their own business.


• 51 m2 Total Area
• 12 Participating Stations
• 1 Barista Station


• 2 La Cimbali M39 Espresso Machines
• 3 La Cimbali M100 Espresso Machines
• 2 Faema Espresso Machines
• 1 Bunn Coffee Mill Grinder
• 3 Faema Coffee Mills
• 4 La Cimbali Mills
•1 Nespresso Machine
• 1 500g Optical Electric Coffee Roaster
• 1 Toper 1kg Gas Coffee Roaster
• 4 60 cm x 470 cm Wooden Working Stations
• 1 Grundig Two-Burner Gas Hob
• 225 cm x 310 cm Wooden Closet with Four Doors and Three Shelves
• 2 Grundig Double Turkish Coffee Machinesa
• 2 VRF Heating and Cooling Systems
• 4 Fresh Air HVACs and Aspirators
• 1 Wooden Covered Hood, 1,000 m3/h Aspirator



• 70 m2 total area


• Central Heating/Cooling System with 10,000 m3 Aspirator
• Central Heating/Cooling System with 9,000 m3 Fan
• 5 m x 1.5 m Marble Worktop
• 3 m x 1.5 m Chef's Marble Worktop
• Stainless Steel Worktop with 500 cm x 70 cm Sink and Faucet
• 5 Electrolux +4°/-18° Mini Refrigerators
• 2 Air-convection Gas Ovens
• 1 Electrolux Countertop Guillotine Dishwasher
• 1 Electrolux Dishwash Under the Worktop
• 8 Two-Burner Hobs
• 2 Fryers
• 1 80x80 Gas Grill
• 1 Alto Shaam Fumigation Machine
• 1 Sirman Meat Saw
• 1 Electrolux EVP45 Mobile Vacuum
• 1 Electrolux Air -0-Blast Chiller
• 1 Electrolux Stock Boiler
• 2 Cold Rooms 3.40 m2 -18 and 3.75 + 4 Freezers
• 1 Meat Grinder

Corporate Communication

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