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Founded in 2004, the Culinary Arts Academy (MSA) is pointed out among the best culinary schools in the world. Besides being a private school accredited by Turkish Ministry of National Education, it is the only school in Turkey being accredited by City & Guilds, which is one of the world's largest accreditation bodies on vocational training, as well as Pearson International, Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) and Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH). In 2011, the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) recognized and honoured MSA with “Award for Highest Quality in Culinary Education”. In the MSA campus, you can find, "Food and Beverage Themed Expertise & Rare Books Library", a thematic museum with a special collection on food & beverage history. Every year, committed to its mission of improving the industry through a highly educated workforce industry, MSA graduates more than 1200 professional chef candidates who are qualified to work anywhere in the world. MSA also offers program alternatives such as Professional Food & Beverage Management for entrepreneurs who wish to start their own food & beverage businesses. In addition to the professional programs, MSA offers workshops designed for culinary amateurs. Every year, the school’s professional chef rooster teaches the techniques and methods of culinary arts to more than 20.000 kitchen enthusiasts in 600 workshops. A variety of corporate events, workshops, meetings and organizations take place at MSA where special menus are developed for each occasion.


MSA’s 2 fully equipped Workshop kitchens where 28 guests can cook at a time are both educational areas which also provide; learning food preparation, gaining additional skills and socialization. These kitchens decorated with every detail in mind can accommodate Workshops under the supervision of MSA Instructor Chefs both for private groups and individuals. Also can be rented for photo and video productions, influencer gatherings, motivational events, product launchings and trials.
Groups of 28 can work with professional instructor chefs simultaneously during motivational meetings, press launches or product demos.


• 80 sqm area
• 14 stations, each for 2 pax and a chef’s station
• stewarding area of 14 sqm with dishwashing and a 16 sqm prep kitchen


• 15 Samsung 5 burner stoves
• 15 Samsung electric ovens
• 15 Samsung aspirators
• -2°C/+10°C Samsung two door refrigerator
• 15 Samsung 32 inch monitors
• A 55 inches TV monitor
• 8 wall type loudspeakers and amphi system
• Sennheiser microphone system
• 15 Electrolux mini refrigerators
• 15 GroheBlue water filter kitchen taps
• infrastructure of 3 Samsung cameras
• corian kitchen stations for guests
• corian chef’s station with drawers
• air conditioning 11000.0 m³/h
• fresh air cooling and heating system 1000.0 m³/h ventilation
• Tefal kitchen utensils for 15 stations


This kitchen is customized for bread based Artisanal Bread and 100% Sour Dough classes as well as croissant, laminated dough, handmade börek programs which are both applicable for individuals and groups. All the equipment here are especially designed and gathered according to the content of the classes.


• 47 sqm area
• 3.5 m x 1.5 m wooden worktable
• 170 cm x 70 cm wooden chef’s worktable
• 300 cm x 70 cm stainless steel station with sink


• 3 Zanolli bread ovens
• 2 induction cookers
• 2 gas burner stoves
• vertical Electrolux two-door refrigerator
• 2 air-convect ovens
• 4 refrigerators +4°C/-18°C under the workbench
• central climate system


This kitchen provides the ideal chocolate production environment with a standard humidity control; 30%. Professional chocolate preparation, making of ice cream, cake decoration techniques are all available in this area both for individuals and groups.


• 50 sqm area
• 5 m x 1,5 m marble workstation
• 3 m x 1,5 m marble chef’s workstation
• 500 cm x 70 cm stainless steel workstation with sink


• 5 refrigerators +4°C/-18°C under the workbench
• 2 chocolate tempering machines
• 2 Telme ice-cream machines
• Air-convect gas oven
• + 4°C vertical refrigerator
• Electrolux dishwasher
• stove with 2 gas burners
• Munters dehumidifier
• central climate system


Artisanal meat and charcuterie class is one of the most specific areas within the school. Dry aging fridges, the jaraskal enabling to help working with larger shanks, its wooden workbench making it easy for meat and poultry and with its own cooler storage and all other equipment, this classroom is in very well condition for its purpose.


• 40 sqm area
• 3 m wooden butcher’s worktable
• 6 m stainless steel workstation with sink


• 10 meat grinders
• slicer
• bandsaw
• smoking gun
• digital vacuuming set-up
• +4°C/-18°C refrigerator
• Electrolux kneading machine
• VRF heating and cooling system
• dry aging unit with 2 doors
• 1,5 ton capacity jaraskal


With a capacity of 12 students and 1 instructor’s station, this room hosts Professional Barista program and also daily coffee related classes for enthusiasts. Artisanal Coffee program for restaurant/bar/café owners and investors is also held in this classroom.


• 51 sqm area
• 12 workstations
• 1 barista station


• 2 La Cimbali M39 espresso machines
• 3 La Cimbali M100 espresso machines
• 2 Faema espresso machines
• 1 Bunn coffee mill
• 3 Faema coffee mills
• 4 La Cimbali coffee mills
• 1 Nespresso machine
• 500 g capacity Optical Roaster
• Toper 1 kg gas roaster
• 4 wooden 60 cm x 470 cm wooden working stations
• stove with 2 gas burners
• 225 cm x 310 cm closet with 4 doors and 3 shelves
• 2 Turkish coffee machines
• VRF heating and cooling system
• fresh air system and aspiration
• wood decorated aspirator 1000 m3/h

Corporate Communication

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