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What's in MSA Library?

The MSA Library features a wide selection of essential resources about food and beverage, ranging from academical studies to rare books.
Time stops at the MSA library, which is open to everyone interested in cooking. It also includes foreign and national publications regarding the industry and will be your special stop on your culinary journey.

MSA Library carries approximately 5,000 publications. In addition to publications about gastronomy, the library also includes guides, periodicals, and books covering many different subjects such as;
business management, architecture, farming, green housing, agriculture, nutrition and health, table setting and etiquette and first aid.

Can I Use the Library?

The MSA library is open to students and anyone else interested in the field.

MSA students automatically become members and are highly encouraged by staff to utilize the resources at their disposal for their research.

To take books out from our library, you must become a member first.

Members conducting research in the library also have access to a photocopy room and a reading area.