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Turkey’s first and only kitchen auditorium, Electrolux Auditorium located at the MSA Campus, is open to all MSA students and alumni as well as to industry professionals and leaders. The auditorium boasts cutting-edge technology, the latest kitchen equipment and a one of a kind infrastructure. So far, more than 300 brands teamed up with MSA for corporate events and special culinary projects. The school extends its services far beyond the scope of education by also focusing on R&D projects, menu and product development and human resources. Electrolux Auditorium also welcomes world’s top chefs for culinary demos, product launchings, seminars, press gatherings and video shootings as well.


• 150 sqm audience area
• 100 sqm kitchen/demo area
• 135 pax seating
• 100 sqm prep kitchen and dishwashing area
• Inflammable, waterproof, ergonomic seating each with mini foldable tables planned for long performances
• ceiling and wooden walls for better acoustic
• simultaneous translation room eligible for 2 different languages at a time
• welcoming and buffet area
• climate system; 326.000 btu/h cooling, 455.000 btu/h heating
• ASHRAE standard, 40 m³/h fresh air per guest


• 2 Samsung Ultra HD 85 inches, 4K LED screens
• live video conference set-up with various hosts
• remote controlled video conference camera eligible for Pan/Tilt and Zoom/Focus
• 3 MP IP zoom-in/out cameras for live broadcasting
• PC recording
• 11 ceiling type loudspeakers
• 2000 watt sound system
• LED spotlight system
• control room for sound, visual, lighting checks and recording during performances


• Molteni Podium III; cooking, demonstration and display unit with 100 sqm fully equipped culinary performance area
• 2 conventional ovens
• fermentation units
• shock cooler
• +4°C refrigerator
• tabletop gas burner
• electric fritter
• Big Green Egg charcoal barbecue
• Pacojet ice-cream machine
• sous vide equipment
• 1 Excalibur dehydrator
• Vita prep and Thermomix blenders
• “Pulled sugar” stand
• 2 chocolate tempering machines
• liquid nitrogen tank and cryogenic jug


With 70 pax capacity in total, this room can be divided into two, each with 30 pax seating both in theatre or table format. Available for daily or half-day usage, Seminar Room welcomes trainings and product launchings as well as covering the corporate meeting requests. During these events, an open buffet can be provided within the room and both screens can serve the whole event.


• 90 sqm area
• 70 pax seating


• seats with armrests
• 2 Samsung 55” Smart TV’s
• 2 Lega Master whiteboards
• 2 separable classrooms
• fresh air-conditioning
• VRF heating and cooling system


MSA Lobby is also the first gastronomic museum of Turkey. This area covers MSA’s gastronomic library and Seminar Room. Lobby is actually a resting and studying area for MSA students and daily visitors. MSA can provide bistro tables or seating for special breakfast, lunch and dinner organisations within the extraordinary but quite interesting atmosphere. Tasting and dining events can easily be organised right after the events at the Seminar Room. The 2 screens are eligible for presentations, commercial videos and photo streaming as well.


• 150 sqm area
• 45 pax seating with tables


• 2 Samsung 55 inches Smart TV’s
• 4 wall type loudspeakers and DJ set-up
fresh air-conditioning
• VRF heating and cooling system

Corporate Communication

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