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MSA's Electrolux Auditorium is one of the world's finest kitchen auditoriums in terms of its technical infrastructure, its state-of-the-art equipment, and the comfort that maximizes the lecture/seminar experience. The world’s top chefs speak at this cutting-edge room for culinary demos, product launches from industry experts, seminars, press conferences and video shootings.


• 150 m2 Audience Space in the Amphitheater
• 100 m2 Kitchen/Demo Area
• 135 Seating Capacity
• 100 m2 Prep Kitchen and Dishwashing Area
• Inflammable, Waterproof, Ergonomic Seating with Mini Foldable Tables Specifically for Long Periods
• Wooden Walls and an Acoustic Ceiling to Distribute Sound and Acoustics in Perfect Efficiency
• Simultaneous Interpretation/Translation Room for up to 2 Different Languages at Once
•326,000 Btu/h Cooling, 455,000 Btu/h Heating Systems
•ASHRAE standard, 40 m³/h Fresh Air per Person Given Full Capacity


• 8 Grundig High Resolution 46-inch Videowall Displays
• Live Connection and Video Conferencing with Multiple Independent Simultaneous Locations
• Video Conference Camera with Remote Control for Pan/Tilt and Zoom/Focus Movement
• Three MP IP Camera Systems that can Zoom-in/out to Show the Details of the Kitchen and the Scene on the Screens.
• Video Recording Ability on PC for Performances/Lectures
• 11 Ceiling Speakers
• Total 2,000-watt Sound System
• Special LED Spotlight System with 4 Forty-Eight Power LEDs, 8/40 Rotatable Angles, Universal or PC, 6,000K and 3,800K Adjustable Light Temperature
•Special Control Room for Image, Sound and Light Management and Recording During Performance/Lectures


• Molteni Podium III: Cooking, Demonstration and Display Unit with 100 m2 Fully Equipped Culinary Performance Area
• 2 Convection Ovens
• Fermentation Units
• Shock Cooler
• 1 +4°C Cooler
• 1 Tabletop Gas Burner
• 1 Electric Fryer
• 1 Big Green Egg Charcoal Barbecue
• 1 Pacojet Ice Cream Maker
• Sous-vide Cooking Equipment
• 1 Excalibur Dehydrator
• Vita prep and Thermomix Blenders
• “Pulled Sugar” Stand
• 2 Chocolate Tempering Machines
• Liquid Nitrogen Tank and Cryogenic Jug


The hall has a capacity of 70 people total, and a seating capacity of 30 when divided into a theater or roundtable. It available for daily of half-day usage. It's the perfect venue for company meetings as well as being great for training sessions and product launches. An open buffet can easily be set up inside the hall for events and meetings. The 2 smart screens in the hall allow for presentations to be made however you like.


• 70-person Seating Capacity
• 90 m2 Total Area


• Seating With and Without Armrests
• 2 Grundig 65-inch Smartboards
• 2 Lega Master Whiteboards
• Classroom that can be Divided in Two
• 4 Fresh Air Heating and Cooling Systems
• 4 adet VRF Heating and Cooling Systems


MSA's Lobby doubles as Turkey's first ever gastronomy museum. It also hosts the MSA library and a 70-person seminar hall. Otherwise, it's used as a place to relax and work for students and visitors to MSA. It's available to be used by groups for breakfasts, lunches and dinners as a bistro or for sitting down. After a training session in the seminar hall, it's great for tasting or getting a bite to eat, and comes equipped with 2 smart screens so it's still good for presentations, videos and visuals.


• 45-person Seating around Small Tables
• 150 m2 Total Area


• 2 Grundig 55-inch TVs
• 4 Wall speakers and a DJ System
• 4 VRF Heating and Cooling Systems
• 2 Fresh Air HVACs

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