• MSA Introduces Turkish Cuisine at Expo Milan

MSA Introduces Turkish Cuisine at Expo Milan

"Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" the theme of Expo Milan was held May 1 - October 31, 2015 with the participation of 145 countries. With 12.000 years of history and the accumulation of teaching and culture, Turkey Pavilion, the homeland of agriculture, had an important place in Expo with a total pavillon area of 4.170 square meters.

31 Oct 2015

In this process, aiming to raise awareness among participants by emphasizing the importance of topics such as "the right to access healthy, safe and sustainable food", "environmental, social and economical sustainable food chain" and "preservation of taste and food culture" in the Pavilions, there were also the "Pavilion of Turkish Cuisine" and "Turkish Flour Yeast & Ingredients Promotion Group". Within the framework of the events held on September 14-30; MSA Head Chef Cem Erol, Food & Beverage Consultant Osman Serim and Food & Beverage Researcher & Writer Aylin Öney Tan held demos on Turkish Cuisine in Expo Milan and presented mantı, Turkish coffee, baklava, kadayıf along with wheat, bulgur and Anatolian breads. Turkish food culture of course had an important role in introducing all the titles.
MSA’s Professional Trainings and Kitchen Coordinator Zeynep Tunç and MSA Instructor Chefs reinforced this topic with their kitchen demos and tastings. Preparation and tasting of tarhana soup, preparation and tasting of the mantı varieties, tasting with the demo of the simit dough, tasting çiğ köfte made of bulgur and tasting of firik pilaf attracted great interest from the audience. With the introduction of Turkish Flour Yeast & Ingredients Promotion Group, MSA has reached more than 10.000 people with their 75 demos on Turkish cuisine in the Turkish Pavilion.