• MSA Represented the Turkish Cuisine at EXPO Milan

MSA Represented the Turkish Cuisine at EXPO Milan

More than 10.000 participants of the Expo Milan...

30 Sep 2016

More than 10.000 participants of the Expo Milan were treated to some exceptional delicacies at the Turkish Pavillion, organized by the Turkish Flour Yeast & Ingredients Promotion Group in collaboration with MSA. Expo Milan has as theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” and took place between May 1 - October 31 2015 with the participation of 145 countries. The Turkish Pavillion held a critical place in the event through its 4170 square meter demo space and underlined the country's position as the birthplace of agriculture with a story and cultural heritage of 12.000 years. 
The pavillions focused on themes such as "the right to reach safe, sustainable food", "socially, financially and environmentally sustainable food chain", "protection of food & taste culture", aiming to create awareness in the minds of the participants. MSA played an active role at the Turkish Pavillion by demonstrating the signature items of the Turkish Cuisine, organized by the “Turkish Flour Yeast & Ingredients Promotion Group”. Between Septembr 14-30, MSA Executive Chef Instructor Cem Erol, the leading f&b consultant Osman Serim and f&b academician and writer Aylin Öney Tan presented the staples of our cuisine such as tarhana, mantı, Turkish coffee, baklava, kadayıf, wheat bulgur and Anatolian breads. MSA chefs Zeynep Tunç, Günce Güneş and Efe Çakıroğlu performed demos showcasing these products. Participants were taken by the tarhana soup preparation as well as the preparations of mantı, simit, açma and firik rice. Through 75 demos, more than 10.000 participants were able to sample these products.