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MSA team again at YEDİ this year.

The theme of YEDİ was "extinction" this time. The attenders experienced different opinions such as awareness, thought-provocation, inspiration, interaction and initiation.

23 Oct 2017

YEDİ hosted influencing speakers from all around the world; Barry Yourgrau, Bernd Maier, Bryan Walsh, Caner Eler, Claudia Roden, David Thompson, Deniz Alphan, Emel Ernalbant, Fatih&Mürteza Helvacıoğlu, Lara Gilmore, Mauro Colagreco, Pelin Tan, Roderick Sloan and Zafer Kızılkaya.

YEDİ's renowned breakfast again prepared and served by a team of MSA students; those currently continuing their advanced culinary studies with the provision of their instructor chefs. They cooked Gaziantep style tarhana soup, Uşak style tarhana soup, chickpea mash, lemon scented parsley, fried liver wrapped in lavash bread, poached eggs, sautéed vegetables, zahter, fried egg bread, clotted cream with lemon zest, season's fruit and season's drink inspired by the traditional Anatolian breakfast culture.

For dinner, MSA team helped all the process in the kitchen. The worked with the seven women from the seven regions of Turkey to cook Anatolian recipes and they altogether prepared, cooked and served the dishes.

At dinner the concept was "meyhane". Various “meyhane”s of Istanbul served their best meze’s and MSA team cooked tarhana meze blended with yoghurt, tomato and cucumber salad, bulgur pilaf and roasted semolina.

We can’t wait for the next year’s conference, where the theme “border” will be held on the table.