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MSA's Manchester Event

MSA's "Turkish Cuisine to the World Movement" continues with international food organizations and kitchen demos.

09 Jul 2014

Turkey's first and leader culinary academy MSA - Culinary Arts Academy - continues its endeavour internationally for the "Turkish Cuisine to the World" movement. In the scope of "Skills for Chefs" conference held for f&b professionals in Manchester's Sheffield University, MSA delivered a dinner to 200 guest chefs and introduced tarhana and salep with 6 demo shows.

"Skills for Chefs" conference in which names such as Heston Blumenthal and Anton Mosimann share their secrets is one of the most privileged events in the gastronomy world and was held for the 17th time this year. The conference aiming to introduce leader chefs, to create information exchange and to meet suppliers was realised in sheffield University on July 9 and 10th. İmportant names such as Spain's 2 Michelin starred Chef Jordi Cruz and England's Paul Gayler attended the conference as spokesmen along with Culinary Arts Academy's Executive Instructor Chef Cem Erol.

6 demo shows and a special dinner from Cem Erol with Aylin Öney Tan's narration
In the conference that was realised as an international event ultimately 10 years ago, Cem Erol presented tarhana and salep from the Turkish Cuisine. Furthermore, he prepared a special dinner for 200 guest chefs and helped them getting information about Turkish Cuisine. Journalist and writer Aylin Öney Tan accompanied Cem Erol in this event and gave information to the guests about these 2 ingredients as well as talking about the food presented in the menu and their historical background in Turkish lands. In the dinner menu, Hummus, Smoked Meat, Salmon Pastrami, Avocado and Chilli Pepper Pickles, Şakşuka, Smoked Yoghurt, Fermented Garlic Powder were presented as cold starters; Grilled Calf's Tongue, Homemade Pickles and Cantık (Meat Bread) were the hot starters. As main course Elbasan Tava (lamb casserole with yoghurt) and Firik Rice were served. The chefs who had the chance to taste the paired Turkish wines for the first time, expressed their admiration. Finally as dessert Lime Pumpkin Dessert, Tahini Halva and Salep Ice Cream were served.

Tarhana and salep presentation from a new point of view, from fermentation trends to molecular gastronomy
With 6 Turkish Cuisine demo shows, Cem Erol aimed to introduce guest chefs to tarhana and salep from Turkish Cuisine. Regarding why he chose these ingredients, Chef Cem Erol said: "We thought that chefs who follow the trend of 'adding different aromas to ingredients through fermentation' will be interested in tarhana." He also added that salep is a stabilizer ingredient similar to agar agar or malto dextrine used widely in molecular gastronomy. Aiming to show that Turkish Cuisine practices this approach for a long time, he said that "The world is using these products for the last 10-15 years, but we use salep in our geography for hundreds of years."

Cem Erol highlighted the importance of point of view in the promotion of the Turkish Cuisine and added: "We explained the Turkish Cuisine in a way that foreign people can understand and from their point of view and at the end of the event, we realised that the effect was huge. I think that as MSA, we presented the Turkish Cuisine perfectly with our presence, our language, our position and image." After his Tarhana Soup and Salep Ice Cream demo show, Cem Erol gave a pack of salep as a gift to the guest chefs so that they can make Turkish ice cream in their own kitchen too.

MSA graduates joining for the team regardless of their work!
When the first team planned to go to England could not obtain their visas on time, MSA graduates in England were called up and a new team was set in 2 hours. Cem Erol is properly proud of their success and thanks his team members: "This was a team of last minute and they never even met each other! They were supposed to serve Turkish Cuisine dinner to 200 leader executive chefs coming from all over Europe... We had a great result at the end of 3 difficult and detailed working days. We were invited to the hall with applauses. When I recall this story, I realise that I am extremely proud to be able to reach MSA graduates all around the world. I am grateful to everyone who supported the team and to those who set their heart on to promote Turkish Cuisine to the world."

During the event of "Skills for Chefs" conference, MSA graduates Can Toraman living in Edinburgh, Bora Korkmaz from London and Istanbul Mama Shelter intern Ebru Çelik accompanied Cem Erol.

Young Restaurant Team of the Year and their Chef Alan Paton will visit MSA
Cem Erol stated that the final of the competition "Young Restaurant Team of the Year" was held and Stoke By Nayland Hotel, Golf and Spa's team has won. He also said that they invited the hotel's executive chef Alan Paton with his team to Istanbul and added: "Each team served a three dish meal highlighting the East Mediterranean cuisine. The winning team members will come to Istanbul within the next year, they will be our guest in MSA and will take Turkish Cuisine courses in MSA." Cem Erol said that they are very excited for Alan Paton and his team's visit in Istanbul.