The program is designed for the candidates with a minimum of 3 years of industry experience. Chefs combine their practical knowledge and culinary experience with a professional education at MSA. The program takes place every friday for 12 weeks, totaling 96 learning hours and offers a graduation certificate approved by the Ministry of Education and the certificate of the international Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality. Candidates should provide proof of a minimum of 3 years of industry experience.

Course Subjects

  • Menu planning
  • Purchasing
  • Costing
  • Food safety
  • Nutrition
  • Cost calculation
  • Nutrition

  • Soups
  • Soups
  • Cold food prep
  • Cold food prep
  • Roasting
  • Baking
  • Introduction to bread making

  • Fabricating poultry
  • Fabricating seafood
  • Deep frying, shallow frying and poaching
  • Braising and stewing
  • Cooking vegetables and pulses
  • Cooking vegetables and pulses

  • Cooking pasta
  • Cooking rice
  • Service standards
  • Theoretical exam
  • Practical exam

MSA graduates are eligible for leading vocational diplomas

  • MEB

    Certificate of

    MSA professional programs are approved by the Turkish Ministry of Education and upon the fulfillment of the program requirements, participants receive a completion certificate.

  • Hospitality Certificate

    Confederation of Tourism &
    Hospitality Certificate

    Upon the successful completion of the Prochef program, participants receive the An international

Instructor Team

An instructor team with 23 full-time chef instructors as well as more than 30 local and international visiting chefs every year.