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Designed for productions based on food and equipped with professional tools, MSA Studio is the key to all video and photo needs. Thanks to its modular furnishing, Studio is actually a kitchen where colours and styles could easily be change or adapted. Upon request, MSA’s professional chefs’ and assistants’ team could easily be involved both to prepare recipes and also to give demos. Food and prop styling are the added services MSA can provide.


Prep Kitchen

• Electrolux Professional vertical -2°C /+10°C refrigerator
• WIESHEU table top oven
• Electrolux 4 burners gas stove with closet underneath
• stainless steel workstations, each sized 90 cm, 150 cm, 190 cm
• Electrolux dishwasher
• Electrolux sink with 2 divisions
• Electrolux showering tap
• 200 cm Electrolux pull-down kitchen faucet
• aspirator


• Samsung RS554NRUA9M/TR A+ 591 lt no-frost refrigerator
• Samsung CTR264KC01/TR ceramic glass electric stove
• Samsung NA64H3010AK gas stove
• Bocchi sink
• Grohe water tap
• SPD015 professional lighting
• foldable, wall type wooden table
• 4 drawers closet
• wood decorated aspirator
• 60 cm x 200 cm x 93 cm island chef’s station with 5 drawers
• 60 cm x 330 cm x 93 cm behind the island working station and sink
• 12 drawers, full size 38 cm x 390 cm x 4 cm, corian coating
• 1 wooden shelf
• window blind
• automatic door with handprint and card access

Shooting equipments

• downloading desk with computer
• 4 Mcoplus 920A LED lights
• 3 Elinchrom BRX 500’s
• tripod
• backdrop curtain
• 1 shooting table

Corporate Communication

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