• Professional Pastry Arts

A niche vocational education program dedicated to pastry arts, it focuses on the preparation of exclusive pastry products, decoration and craftmanship, current pastry trends and their creative applications. 3 months long program follows an intensive course syllabus where participants also prepare and present 2 banquet events. The participants are eligible to receive a MSA graduation diploma, HACCP certificate and the certificate of mandatory hygiene education.

Course Subjects

  • Macaron
  • Sponge cake: production & decoration
  • Cupcakes (plain and with filling) production & decoration
  • Choux dough products; clair, profiterolles, petit fours and their decorations
  • Modern petit four production

  • Cookies and sweet biscuits production & decoration
  • Chocolate and chocolate decoration
  • Pastilage, sugarpaste, gumpaste, chocolate dough & decorations
  • Royal icing and frosting
  • Pulled sugar techniques

  • Mirror glace
  • Wafer paper applications
  • Naked cake
  • Figure modeling
  • Creme patissiere, ganage and fillings used in pastry products

  • Banquet applications
  • Mandatory hygiene education
  • Liaisons
  • Sauces

MSA graduates are eligible for leading vocational diplomas

  • Certificate


    HACCP certificate, a requirement for professional culinary personnel both on a local and international scale, ensures the safe and secure operation of physical, chemical and microbiological processes related to food production.

Instructor Team

An instructor team with 23 full-time chef instructors as well as more than 30 local and international visiting chefs every year.