• There is no application for this either

There is no application for this either

There is no application for this either

23 Apr 2021

I come to work in the morning.

I enter my office, and if I’m wearing a coat, I take it off and hang it. I take my computer out of my bag along with my notes and the pen that my father had given me.

My desk is ready; I am now settled and ready to entertain my guests if I am expecting any. Now it’s time to relax.

I turn on my coffee maker, to heat it up (nobody can touch it but me).

I turn on my music system (nobody can touch this either).

I put on the first record of the day, and by this time, the coffee machine is ready. First, I put my roasted beans through the grinder, dose the basket of the portafilter (the smell of fresh ground coffee has already filled the room), and watch my first coffee of the morning flow like honey from the machine as it emanates a sweet smell across the room.

Do you think there can be an application for this?

Unfortunately, these kinds of experiences are becoming extinct nowadays.

Instead of living the reality, people have started pursuing the fad, which is virtual.

To have started doesn’t even cut it, this has become almost the norm, and what’s even worse is that there are so many know-it-all types who don’t know any better but think this is life.

More often than not, I even find it difficult to get my daughters to understand me.

Everyone says that digital has become a very important part of our lives, but on the other hand, I know that no application can replace some experiences and some ‘moments’ in life (greetings to Avi).

They have even reduced sports to ‘e-sports’. I give up. At least if they had called it a game, it would have made more sense. What in the world is an e-sport? It is a shame for real athletes.

The pleasure of hitting a ball whether it is tennis or football, the pleasure of making a cookie whether it is plain or chocolate, the pleasure of holding cards whether it is a game of snap or bridge… How can you recreate that with an application?

How can one tour a museum through a screen; where is the smell of history?

How can one explore my country digitally; where is the texture of my homeland?

How can Netflix equate to going to the cinema? How about the act of waiting in line to get tickets with the kids, buying popcorn from the stand, and even that annoying family sitting in the back and talking throughout the movie?

What kind of a digital application could replace these?

Two people sitting in the café neither is looking at the other, instead, both are occupied with their phones. I’ve seen people texting each other while sitting at the same table. Pathetic.

Five kids standing in front of a wall, each holding a phone in their hands. Where are their parents?

Every holiday, a mass message. Every birthday, a balloon emoji.  Have a favor to ask, an emoji with two hands. What is this? Where is the phone call, where are the congratulations, where is the thank you? How about respecting, valuing the other person?

A generation of youngsters, who refrain from walking their dogs.  They would put the animals on dialysis if they could. Who knows why they got that dog in the first place?

Education is a whole different ball game.

We also have an MSA Box and an MSA App, but do you think it is a substitute for being on campus and entering the kitchen.

I think that digital education even for a subject whose content and context are suitable could never compare to in-person education. Children are deprived of socialization and the ability to look their teachers in their eyes.

So, is digital bad? Of course not.

Why should it be, as long as we make sure to utilize its benefits and pay attention so that this software does not dull our senses?

I hope that once the fad dies down, life will return to normal. Let’s hope that this is a 15-20 year-long enthusiasm for digitalism. Of course, let’s make use of technology, but let’s also truly experience the world and each other while we do that.

First with the ‘new normal’, then with Covid, we have already lost a generation or two, where children and youngsters have been turned to mush (of course, if you ask them, we are the archaic ones).

In reality, (reality not really) I grew up with tastes and fragrances.

Nowadays, whether I am alone or with my family and friends, I try to live as far away from digitalization as possible.

I leave work. I get in my car. Most of them are old models anyway. I turn off all the auxiliary digital systems if there are any. I want to be alone with the engine, the steering wheel, the gear, and the tires.

I come home in the evening.

I kiss my wife (and I even use my lips).