• Electrolux Auditorium | The Culinary Arts Academy

Founded in 2004, MSA is Turkey’s leading vocational and culinary education
institution and ranks among the best culinary schools across the globe.

The school’s commitment is to change and reshape the culinary profile of the country through an education system at universal standards, R&D projects and highly trained, professional and young generation of chefs. More than 750 aspiring chefs graduate from MSA every year to join the culinary ranks of leading restaurants and hotels.

Electrolux Auditorium stems from MSA’s visionary approach to the culinary education world and remains the one and only kitchen auditorium in Turkey.

It is a perfect educational venue both for MSA students and graduates as well as international culinary professionals. The facility has a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, unique kitchen equipment and full comfort standards.

Let’s meet at MSA Electrolux Auditorium for successful projects.


  • 150 sqm audience area (amphitheater format)
  • 135 pax seating capacity
  • 100 sqm kitchen/demo area
  • 100 sqm prep kitchen and dish washing area


  • Ergonomically designed water and fireproof seats for all kinds of performances
  • Acoustic wooden panels and ceiling for effective distribution of sound
  • Simultaneous interpretation facility available for performances in foreign languages
  • Reception area
  • 326,000 btu/h cooling, 455,000 btu/h heating
  • 40m3/h per person fresh air during full capacity as per ASHRAE standards


  • 2 Samsung 85’’, 4K LED Screens
  • Ultra HD image quality
  • Live video conference with 4 independent location facility
  • Video conference camera with remote control for pan /tilt and zoom/ focus movements
  • 3 MP IP camera system that can zoom-in/out to show kitchen and performance details on videowall
  • Ability to visually record all performances on PC
  • 11 ceiling speakers, 2000 watt sound system in total.
  • A total of 4, 48 power led, 8/40 adaptable light angle, changeable light heat, special LED spotlight system
  • Light control room during the performance


  • MOLTENI PODIUM III; cooking, demonstration and presentation unit
  • 100 m2 fully-equipped kitchen area
  • 2 convection ovens
  • Yeasting cabinets
  • Deep freezing and +4° storages
  • 1 grill (gas)
  • 1 deep fryer
  • 100m2 R&D lab kitchen with the latest technology equipment
  • Big green egg carbonous bbq
  • Pacojet ice-cream machine
  • Excalibur dehydrator
  • Vita prep and thermomix blender
  • Pulled sugar stand
  • Chocolate tempering machines
  • Liquid nitrogen tank and cryogenic jug
  • Prep kitchen with the latest technology equipment

MSA – Electrolux Auditorim: Where technology meets design